What makes SHERWOODS unique

Concierge-type service
I don't know about you, but I like my life made simpler instead of more complicated. Instead of adding another complication to my life, SHERWOODS made it simpler, by handling my diamond investment from beginning to end in one smooth, seamless transaction. They are consummate professionals, and their expertise is readily self-evident. They handle all the details of a major international transaction like a maestro conducting a symphony.

Pure investment pricing
In order for my diamond to be an efficient vehicle for investment, it needed to be purchased at trade level pricing from which it would immediately begin accruing equity. Because SHERWOODS business philosophy is to work on a low markup / high volume basis with the proven goal of creating a satisfied repeat clientele, I was able to "buy like the dealers do".

No-tax, low-tax or tax-deferred
Another thing I was able "do like the dealers do" was take advantage of the Free & Favorable Trade Zones of the world to purchase my diamond in a favorable tax environment. SHERWOODS locations for this purpose are the Free Trade Zones of Geneva Freeport, Hong Kong and Dubai, along with the Favorable Trade Zone of the U.S.

No-risk purchasing
Because of the seamless procedure SHERWOODS uses to conduct these transactions, there was no-risk at any point to me as a buyer. Their use of one of the world's top escrow institutions, the world's top precious-asset shipper, and the world's top insurance carrier eliminated all risk of loss in any form. My diamond was never without insurance, and the viewing for verification took place at the shipper's high security location, with physical possession taking place upon the release of escrow funds. There was absolutely zero risk for me as a buyer or they as a seller. Major diamond dealers use this method of purchasing daily.

Insurance and safe storage solutions
Once you own your investment diamond, it needs to be safeguarded. Whether this is by having SHERWOODS facilitate your personal insurance coverage beforehand and your wife keep it safe on her finger (my solution), or by having them assist in procuring high-security safe-storage, the process is smooth and seamless, with no risk to me or you at any point.

Re-marketing service
A big thing which attracted me to SHERWOODS was their offer to help me re-market my diamond at any point in the future, if I decide to do so. I like it that they do not require an exclusive contract for this service, instead performing it concurrently with any other venue I choose to pursue in re-marketing my diamond. This, along with the comprehensive access to the worldwide market through their company enhances both the liquidity and profit return of my diamond, something which most private individuals do not have available to them.

This company is user friendly! They are after repeat business, and they definitely have mine.

- Steven Armstrong, CEO Cenegenics, London