For those of us looking for a U.S. based safe storage solution for our investment diamonds, SARASOTA VAULT DEPOSITORY located in the ground floor of the same high security building as SHERWOODS is an excellent choice.

SARASOTA VAULT DEPOSITORY is a large private vault facility which offers safe deposit storage, vault storage, art storage and high security small private offices. Safer and more secure than a bank, the SARASOTA VAULT DEPOSITORY has a double-door man-trap entry which you have to be "buzzed" into, and then "buzzed" through a second entrance after being screened. All this occurs behind bullet-proof glass with armed security and extensive camera surveillance.

The thing I like about it is that it's a private enterprise, with private accounts and access available. It gives me great comfort to know that my business remains my business. It must give others great comfort as well, for SARASOTA VAULT DEPOSITORY has clients from all over the world store their precious assets there.

- High security infrastructure
- High security man-trap access
- Armed guard supervision
- Safe deposit boxes & full size walk-in vaults
- Small private offices
- Extensive video surveillance
- Private enterprise
- Anonymous accounts available
- SKR (Safe Keeping Receipts) issued
- Environmentally controlled
- After hours access available (fee charged)
- Hurricane proof and fire resistant

   Safe storage‚Ķproblem solved.