RODRIGO WOLF, Platinumsmith Extraordinaire

Every once in a while in life you run across an individual who has "the gift". It is an extraordinary moment when you encounter it.

It was such a moment when I ran across Rodrigo. Having worked with many fine jewelers throughout my 35+ years in the business, I was flabbergasted the first time I examined a piece he created.

Perfect fit, perfect setting, perfect finish. Lined up with microscopic precision, all his work is done by hand in coordination with the most precise set of eyes I've ever encountered.

And on top of all this, Rodrigo is a genuine human being of the first degree. With an intense likeability and a natural affinity for his fellow man, he has journeyed across the globe, and joins with us in our campaign to promote international peace through business, trade and friendship.

Consequently he is one of our top ambassadors of peaceā€¦
Of Brazilian and German lineage, Rodrigo has a passionate Latin creativity combined with a German's precision. Add to this an utter fearless nature, and you have a platinumsmith who stands head & shoulders above the crowd, walking with a self-assured stride in areas where others fear to tread.

Apprenticed on the bench at the age of 14, he spent six years under the tutelage of Wanderley de Casto of Sao Paulo before graduating to the advanced training of his uncle Dino Ribeiro, one of the great platinumsmiths of all time who is still producing masterpieces to this day.

Seven years under Dino was more than enough to give Rodrigo the foundation to branch out on his own, although he still helps his uncle complete many complex jobs. Only in his early thirties, he is regarded by Dino as one of the world's best setters.

An expert in Capoeira and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, Rodrigo strikes me as a member of the cat family. Impossible to own, a cat decides whether to let you inhabit their world. We are indeed fortunate to inhabit Rodrigo's.