An accomplished Russian businessmen who deals with individuals from all over the world in his thriving import-export business, Aleksandr instantly took to SHERWOODS international peace initiative through business and trade.

Aleksandr's mainstay is importing building materials from China to the Middle East, but his many passions include fine wine and fine gemstones. His lovely wife Natalia encourages these passions, particularly the gemstone one.

Myself, I like to encourage him in his wine passion. We have shared many a fine bottle over dinner, and his intellectual conversation as well as excellent selection of wine has made for many a stimulating evening.

Extremely knowledgeable and understanding of the politics of the world and wonderfully adroit in interpersonal human relationships, it would be hard to find a more adept ambassador of peace then Aleksandr.

SHERWOODS is honored to have him as our Dubai representative.


Aleksandr Kosachev
Representative: Dubai, UAE & Sarasota, Florida
Fluency: Russian, English
971.55.335.9882 / 1.941.373.5288