Investment Buying Procedure

Initial consultation
SHERWOODS gemologists advise you on the best diamond or diamonds to match your investment needs.

Diamond located
SHERWOODS then locates the appropriate diamond for your tangible asset portfolio and emails you with photos of the diamond, certificates and our expert analysis. SHERWOODS prefers GIA certified diamonds, as the GIA laboratories are credible, consistent and conservative graders whose reports enable a standardized grading platform accepted and utilized by major diamond dealers worldwide.

Funds escrowed
Once you decide the diamond is appropriate for your investment needs, SHERWOODS opens an escrow account for the transaction at is the escrow service of choice for Rapnet, the world's largest diamond trading brokerage service which daily lists more than $7 billion dollars in diamonds. has handled over $1.5 billion in secured transactions with such partners as Rapnet, Ebay, & GoDaddy.

The escrow funds you deposit cover the purchase price of the diamond while the shipping and viewing fees are paid either directly to SHERWOODS or directly to the carrier. The shipping and viewing fees are non-refundable, so you should proceed only when satisfied the diamond is appropriate for your needs. The viewing is solely for the purpose of verifying the diamond is as represented and matches the GIA certificate.

Diamond shipped (to a Free or Favorable Trade Zone, if desired)
The Free Trade Zones of Geneva Freeport, Hong Kong and Dubai are favored by SHERWOODS, along with the favorable trade zone of the United States. Geneva Freeport is a tax-deferred location where precious asset items can be purchased and stored indefinitely at a 0% VAT rate. Hong Kong and Dubai both have a "no-VAT regime". The United States has a 0% sales tax rate for diamonds shipped out of the selling state to a verifiable buyer's residence in another state. Otherwise there is a low 7% sales tax rate for diamonds purchased within SHERWOODS domicile of Florida.

The shipping service preferred by SHERWOODS outside of the United States for major purchases is Malca-Amit, the high-security fully-insured precious-asset shipper of choice for the majority of the world's major diamond dealers. In some cases Federal Express, Ferarri and other services may be used if appropriate.

Diamond viewed
After the diamond arrives at its FTZ destination, your representative and a SHERWOODS representative will meet to view the diamond within a Malca-Amit high security location under the watchful eyes of Malca-Amit security personnel. During the viewing process the diamond is completely insured by Malca-Amit with Lloyds of London as the carrier.

Diamond purchased
Once the diamond is verified to be the one represented in the GIA report, you authorize to release the funds to the seller and authorizes Malca-Amit to release the diamond to you. This method of purchasing is used daily by major diamond dealers throughout the world to conclude important transactions.

Personal insurance and safe storage procured (if desired)
Prior to your taking possession of the diamond SHERWOODS will have assisted you in procuring personal insurance coverage (if desired). This ensures the diamond is still covered once the Malca-Amit coverage ends.

Also (if desired) SHERWOODS will have assisted you in procuring safe-storage for the diamond using either a major bank safe deposit service in the FTZ location or (if U.S. based storage is desired) the convenient and private services of Sarasota Vault Depository are available as well.

Note- This process is seamless, with no risk at any point to either the buyer or seller, and is conducted by SHERWOODS in a discreet concierge manner.

Note- To facilitate this procedure outside the United States, investments range from a minimum of $100,000 to eight figures or more (there is no ceiling) to make the transactions cost effective for SHERWOODS while generating substantial savings for you, the investor. At that level the savings you realize far outweigh the (relatively minor in comparison) costs of Malca-Amit shipping, viewing and insurance, along with the fee and your travel expenses.

Domestically within the United States investments of $50,000 or more* are recommended, although SHERWOODS will tailor transactions to suit your particular investment needs.

Note- In many cases repeat investors familiar with SHERWOODS often forego the procedure and fees by depositing the money directly into SHERWOODS account with a refund guaranteed in the unlikely event the diamond does not match the GIA certificate. Many investors additionally choose the option of having SHERWOODS perform the viewing / verification process and the safe storage process for them by proxy (saving the investor time, travel & cost). SHERWOODS is flexible and will customize the transaction to whatever process the investor is comfortable with.

Note- * SHERWOODS generally considers diamonds 3 carats and larger, G color, VS2 clarity and better to be the best investments in terms of profit and liquidity. This is a general "rule of thumb" rather than a "hard and fast" rule though. Other particularly attractive large diamonds of a lower quality sometimes prove to be excellent investments, as well as rare fancy colored diamonds of various sizes. This is where the gemological expertise of SHERWOODS and their familiarity with the market is a great asset in the choosing of an investment diamond.