"雪舞" (雪屋)当下致力于建立和壮大其在以上海为中心的中国市场的营销代表网。

上海位于中国东海岸的中点的长江三角洲,有着繁华的贸易,是最大的集装箱港。 上海也是中国的商业,金融和交通中心。上海证券交易所雄踞世界第三,它也是全球发展最快的国际性城市之一,对钻石需求的增长额为全球之最。

在2013年,上海成立了中国最大的自由贸易区 --- 中国试点自由贸易区,这对雪舞是一个极好的商机。雪舞特有的钻石投资和储藏的商业模式可以在自由贸易区的优惠税制下大展身手。

如果您和雪舞公司有着相似的商业理念,即通过商业和贸易来促进世界和平, 请同我们联系。我们诚挚地希望能与精品钻石的卖家以及有意投资钻石的人士开展对话和合作。

SHERWOODS is currently expanding its network of representatives into China, particularly focusing on Shanghai, the commercial and financial center of mainland China and one of the fastest developing cities in the world.

Sitting on the south edge of the mouth of the Yangtze Delta in the middle portion of the Chinese coast, Shanghai is a thriving transport hub with the world's busiest container port. It is also a global financial center, with a stock exchange ranked third in the world and the world's fastest growing Diamond Exchange.

As of 2013, Shanghai is also home to the largest free-trade zone in mainland China, the China Pilot Free Trade Zone, which makes it an excellent location for SHERWOODS business model of diamond investment and storage within favorable tax environments.

Individuals who are of like mind with SHERWOODS philosophy of promoting international peace through business and trade are encouraged to contact us at the home office.

We are interested in initiating dialogue both with individuals having notable world-class diamonds to sell as well as individuals in a position of influence who are, or who know individuals that would benefit from investment in important diamonds.

Peace my friend. Let's do business.

很好, 朋友。我们做生意吧!

Richard S. Sherwood, Director